Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami


(Scene 3: Scene of Kurumabiki (Dragging an ox-draw carriage))

During the Heian period (794 to around 1085), Shihei Fujiwara, Minister of the Left, and Kan Shojo, Minister of the Right, shared the power in politics; however, Kan Shojo was demoted due to conspiracy by Shihei.


Triplets were born into a family serving Kan Shojo, and being a sign of good fortune and world peace, they were told that they would be guards of the Emperor if they became palace servants. Matsuomaru became a palace servant for Shihei, Umeomaru for Kan Shojo, and Sakuramaru for the Prince of Tokiyo respectively.


One day, Umeomaru and Sakuramaru happened to see each other near Yoshida Shrine. Umeomaru was looking for the wife of Kan Shojo; he wanted to go see Kan Shojo, since he was busy trying to help rebuild the reputation of the Kan Family. Sakuramaru, however, regretted that he had given cause for Kan Shojo to be demoted. He wanted to kill himself as an apology, but missed the timing to die. They spoke to each other and decided that it was the best thing they could do for their father to celebrate his 70th birthday party, which was going to be held soon, by the three sons and their wives. Therefore, they said they should postpone their plans for a while. Then, the procession of Shihei came by to visit Yoshida Shrine for a prayer, and Umeomaru and Sakuramaru attacked them. However, Umeomaru and Sakuramaru were calmed down by Matsuomaru and they were overwhelmed by the glare of Shihei, who came out of his ox-drawn carriage. Shihei forgave them for the sake of Matsuomaru’s loyalty. The triplets promised each other to settle this issue after their father’s celebration party and then they went their separate ways.


Matsuomaru, palace servant

One of the triplets.

A strong character.

Umeomaru, palace servant 

One of the triplets.


Energetic and rowdy.

Sakuramaru, palace servant

One of the triplets.


Shihei Fujiwara, Minister of the Left

He is the one who caused Kan Shojo to be demoted.