Keisei Awano Naruto – Scene of Dondoro Taishi

About the scene

The domain lord of Awa-Tokushima, young master of the Tamaki family, fell helplessly in love with a courtesan in Yoshiwara known as Takao Dayu. An evil chief retainer, Gunbei Onoda, took this opportunity and secretly stole a treasure from the Tamaki family, a famous sword made by Kunitsugu that Shuzen Sakurai, another chief retainer who was on his way to Gunbei to accomplish his ambition, had been ordered to keep. In this way, Gunbei pushed Shuzen aside successfully.


There was a couple, Jubei and Oyumi, who were former subordinates of Shuzen. They joined a group of robbers to investigate the sword of their former master, changed their names to Ginjuro and Otoku respectively, and began living near Tamatsukuri in Osaka.


One day, when Otoku, the wife of Ginjuro, was visiting a temple on the anniversary of the death of Dondoro Taishi, she saw a little girl who was singing a sad pilgrimage song in front of the temple. Since Otoku had left her daughter at around the same age in her hometown, she was naturally attracted to this girl.


After Otoku gave thanks to Dondoro Taishi, she asked the little girl why she was traveling alone. The little girl responded, “My hometown is Tokushima in Awa. My father’s name is Jubei and my mother’s name is Oyumi. I am making the Saigoku pilgrimage alone because I want to see my parents.” Oyumi, who had changed her name to Otoku, was shocked by the words of this little girl. This touching little pilgrim was her child, Otsuru.



Oyumi wanted to hug this adorable little girl that she missed; however, Oyumi had changed her name to Otoku, hidden herself from society, and was ready to die for her master. Oyumi admonished herself that it was better to put her hardship aside and put up with this situation rather than to tell the little girl that Oyumi was her mother and make her suffer hardship.